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Israel’s Life Sciences Industry 2015

by Administrator, on Mar 16
Israel’s Life Sciences Industry – IATI 2015 Report
Life sciences findeals

Israel’s Life Sciences Industry – IATI 2015 Report presents an overview of the current status of the Israeli life sciences industry. It analyzes industry dynamics and trends while providing insights into the basic ingredients of the industry that has made it such a successful sector: academic excellence, government support, investments, mergers& acquisitions (M&A) and more.

The Israeli Life Science Industry is rapidly and exuberantly growing, while playing an important role in the world healthcare market. Following a decade of significant growth, the Israeli life sciences industry is continually demonstrating encouraging parameters of maturity and promising signs towards a breakthrough decade. Israel’s life sciences industry is innovative, where excellence in academic research, government support and increased availability of funding is translated into commercial success. It is based on a combination of highly educated professionals with entrepreneurial culture, innovative spirit and great technologies.

Since the previous report, published in June 2013, the Israel Life Sciences industry has demonstrated significant growth, record investment amounts with interest from new investors mainly from China and the Far East, increased number of companies in advanced stages of clinical trials, the highest number of successful IPOs of Israeli life sciences companies on the NASDAQ, three record years for life sciences exits in total dollars amount as well as an emergence of a prominent sub sector of Health IT and digital Health. Israel's life science companies can contribute in helping solve the major challenges facing the global healthcare systems.

The global healthcare systems are facing many challenges. Worldwide, the pressures of the growing demand for healthcare services—fueled by aging populations and burgeoning middle classes, especially in emerging markets like China and India, along with expectations of higher-quality care and a squeeze on funding—have created a perfect storm that is driving a need for new innovative technologies and business models. The healthcare systems will increase demand for new evidence and definitions for positive health outcomes before using any new technology or services. As the economy rebounds and the baby boomers retire, employers as well as insurers are looking for fresh ways to engage, retain and attract the next generation of health consumers.

In such an environment, the need for heightened efficiencies and increased innovation has never been greater. Accordingly, companies must find new ways to improve the efficiency of their operations, increase their research-and development (R&D) capabilities, tap into alternative sources of innovation and capture new customers—particularly as demand for health care rises in emerging markets

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