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Startups and Corporations - new trends to collaborate?

by Administrator, on Feb 21
This report shows the trends in innovations entering the market and relationships between startups and corporations - how important they perceive each other, whether they are willing to collaborate and what steps they are ready to undertake.
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Innovations drive the world economy. In the recent years, new inventions and new developments got more and more speed when entering and conquering the market. It is reflected in the speed of companies' development. 

This trend can be observed in Fortune 500, where more than 65% of firms have joined within last 20 years. 

The leading countries creating the biggest "impact" on Fortune 500 areas are relatively the same in 2005 and in 2015: the most outstanding growth comes from China - 98 companies present in Fortune 500 are originally from China! 

As it has been said, the innovations are getting spread faster. That influences the importance of being flexible and open to new. So, big companies understand that in the long-term it is getting more crucial to stay in touch with startups as the carriers of some new, fresh ideas - like that they would not stay behind the current trends. 

The process of collaboration is not one-sided - to make an innovation a real success, all counterparts have to join forces and be ready to adapt and promote the new. Success depends on both sides. 

We can see that both startups and investors are active in their collaboration, what differs is the leverages they are using: 

The following infographics gives the overview of startup-corporation cooperation:  

Read the full report here: "The Age of Collaboration"

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