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Now it all depends on what is a your idea.

by Semion Snijecki, from Global Investment Search Program - App Finger, on Jan 3
In past "The long road profiles and business plans .... We sell a way of creating your issue instruments - is a way to invest

Now it all depends on what is a your idea.
In past:
"The long road profiles and business plans ....
And then I start to register with the accelerator.
And even the investor registered
And now, instead of the standard methodical work on the introduction of instruments issue of your project ...
What do we see?
Seminars and training.
How to make your startup a success and others.
Accelerator requires you to be an economist, a lawyer and the planning department.
And all these necessary practical skills you need to possess to be acquired by dozens of years of painstaking study and practical experience.
Leave it aside.
You are a professional in their field.
In this implementation of your initiative.
Enough to manipulate you
Rely on partnership terms,
Consultant Development
you create your project management company,
and to find investments for the whole team.
Now it all depends on what is a your idea.
Your consultant development.

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