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European Startup Monitor 2016

by Administrator, on Nov 30
What stands behind a notion "European startup"? What is the startup about, who is the founder, who are the team members? The report conducted by German Startups Association brings light to the demographics and state of European startups.
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With the goal to structure and analyze the information about numerous startups in Europe, German Startups Association has released the 2nd European Startups report just a few weeks ago. One of the aims of the report is to encourage entrepreneurship spirit in the society.

The research has collected answers of 2,515 startups having 6,340 founders and employing 23,774 people.

Who is he (or she), an average entrepreneur in Europe?

What is it, an average startup in Europe?

Here is some statistics:

The startups participating in the survey are on average 2.4 years old, 14.8% of them have female founders and 77.7% are planning to expand to more international markets.

Positive impact created by startups:

  • Creating jobs: ESM startups create on average 12 jobs (founders included)
  • Money flow: ESM startups have raised around 2.0 billion euro and plan to raise another 2.7 billion in the next year
  • Positive mood: more than 90% of the ESM startups rate their present business situation as good or satisfying and more than 70% are expecting even more favourable development in the next year

Main challenges:

  • Sales, customer acquisition
  • Product development and growth

Here is some more statistics in graphs:

Startup are mostly founded independently (73.3%), while around 9.7% are spin-off from University and 9.6% are spin-off from existing companies.

Here is the distribution of types of business foundations depending on the country. Interesting to note that in Spain and Poland only around 53% of startups are independent venture foundations, while the highest percentage of independently founded companies are based in Ireland – 81.2%.

Comparing to other countries, Switzerland shows a higher percentage of spin-offs from a University.

In terms of demographics, the findings showed that women are much less represented among the founders of startups. The percentage differs in each country, but the average number of 14.8% stays at the same level. 

You can read the full report here: 

The report is prepared and published by German Startups Association and is resposted at InnMind with editor's permission. 

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