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European Venture Capital Market - report Q3 2016

by Administrator, on Oct 25
The report is revealing the changes in the Venture Capital Market in Q3 when Brexit is already not news - main trends and movements of the capital in Europe.
European venture capiral market

PitchBook together with Merrill Corporation has prepared a report about activities on Venture Capital market in Q3 2016.

Ekaterina Voronova from InnMind had a quick look at the main figures presented in this report.

First of all, some general overview of the situation on Venture Capital Market in Europe. We can observe the reduction in the total amount and number of deals comparing to 2015. 

The decline is visible in all sectors: 

In Q3 we can see that the UK and Ireland are getting more active than in Q2 disregarding Brexit - it is now around 35% of all deals. 

The amount of exit in 2016 is expected to be higher than in 2015. Though, if we see more detailed data, we can find out that 38% of the total exit value was due to one deal with AstraZeneca (it acquired Acerta Pharma for 4 billion euro). If we disregard this deal, the value of exits will be 33% lower in Q3 2016 than in Q3 2015. 

Some more highlights from the report: 

  • More than 2.6 billion of VC has been invested in Europe during each quarter this year, which is a higher total than any other quarter between 2009 and 2014.
  • 65% of closed deals in 2016 have included US investor participation 
  • The Nordics were the only other European region to see more than 100 completed nancings (112) in 3Q 
  • Three quarters into 2016, just 43 European venture funds have closed, on pace to see the fth consecutive year where total closings moved lower. 

This overview is prepared by InnMind based on the PitchBook report, you can find more details and the report here.

Note: Full or partial copy of the publication is allowed only with the direct active link to InnMind platform.

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