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State of Innovation - Global Innovation Index 2016

by Administrator, on Sep 19
How the world is changing directly depends on innovations coming into our lifes. Read the report about world leading innovation countries and about challenges ahead.

The geography and process of innovation have changed considerably since the first GII. Science and research and development (R&D) are now more open, collaborative, and geographically dispersed. R&D efforts are simultaneously more globalized and more localized while an increasing variety of actors in emerging countries contributes to enrich the innovation landscape.

Arguably, everyone stands to gain from global innovation. More resources are now spent on innovation and related factors globally than at any other given point in human history. Thus far, however, innovation has sometimes not been portrayed as a global win-win proposition.

Two factors explain this state of affairs: First, evidence regarding the organization and outcomes of the new global innovation model is lacking. Second, governments and institutions need to approach global innovation as a positive-sum proposition and tailor policies accordingly. The 2016 edition of the GII is dedicated to this theme.

This report aims to contribute an analysis of global innovation as a win-win proposition and so facilitate improved policy making.

Since 2007 the WIPO has been preparing reports about Global Innovation Index, where it ranks and evaluates state of science and R&D activities in more than 120 countries based on around 80 different criteria. 

The following graph presents 25 top innovative countries in 2016. For the 6th consecutive year Switzerland tops the list.  

Below we cite the 6 major findings from the report: 

1. Leveraging global innovation can help avoid a continued low-growth scenario

2. There is a need for a global innovation mindset and discussions on fresh governance frameworks

3. Innovation is becoming more global but divides remain

4. There is no mechanical recipe to create sound innovation systems; entrepreneurial incentives and “space for innovation” matter

5. Sub-Saharan Africa needs to preserve the innovation momentum in one of the most promising regions

6. Latin America is a region with untapped innovation potential with important risks to innovation efforts in the near-term

You can find detailed profiles of all participating countries and learn more about state of innovations in the world in the report

The source: Cornell University, INSEAD, and WIPO. 

The report was originally posted at and is reposted at InnMind with the editor's permission. 

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