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How COVID-19 Sparked the Growth of the Supplements Market

by Andriana Moskovska, from Smallbizgenius, on May 25
Since spring 2020, the outbreak of the novel coronavirus has had the entire world on lockdown. The ongoing pandemic is making it clear that our healthcare systems need an urgent upgrade. And we need to start taking better care of our health as well. 


Millions of people are trying to find ways to improve their overall health. Some of the basic facts on the immune system show that we can use methods such as supplementation to train this mechanism and improve its functions.  

But are vitamins and supplements the right way to go? Should you consider investing in this sector? Let’s dive right in and see how COVID-19 affected the growth of the supplements market. 

The Supplements Market Amid COVID-19 

According to statistics, the US multivitamin sector was a $1.6 billion industry even before COVID-19. However, with the appearance of the novel coronavirus, the sales of vitamins and minerals skyrocketed. For instance, in March 2020, the sales of elderberry supplements were 415% higher than in March 2019.   

Many other products experienced a similar uptick in sales. For example, the sales of vitamins and supplements jumped by 35% in March, which made pharmacies implement anti-hoarding measures. During the same period, the online sales of supplements had also gone through the roof.

Most Wanted Vitamins and Supplements 

Despite the newly created problems with logistics, supplements and vitamins are selling at an incredible rate. Of course, vitamin C tops the charts, but other products are not far behind. For example, vitamin D or the “sunshine vitamin,” is also in high demand. People who must stay inside due to the lockdown measures are using supplements to provide their bodies with this important vitamin.    

Likewise, the sales of zinc and vitamin K are on the rise as well. On top of that, pharmacies and other stores are working hard to provide enough colloidal silver, probiotics, and Echinacea. And we already mentioned the massive surge in the sales of elderberry supplements.

Can Supplements Fight COVID 19?

As their name implies, these products are used to supplement our diet and not replace it entirely. In other words, they can only serve as an extra measure to boost your immune system. Vitamins and minerals can raise our defenses, but it is essential to understand that these products do not directly affect the virus. 

It’s important to know that supplements don’t replace physical activity, so we should maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout the year and not just during a crisis. 


Many startups and entrepreneurs have suffered the adverse consequences of the pandemic. However, COVID-19 brought unprecedented growth to some businesses. The manufacturers of supplements and vitamins are reaping the benefits of being in the right place at the right time.

And even though the upcoming recession might slow things down for the supplements market, it’s clear that this industry has a positive outlook. After all, we are all concerned about physical health, and some vitamins and minerals may help us maintain it. 

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