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How asset tracking software is helpful to car rental agency?

by Asset infinity, from Asset Infinity, on May 19
This article will brief you about the software which track the asset of a car rental agency.
Asset tracking software is helpful to car rental agency

We all know that asset tracking software is helpful to each organization and it does not matter to which industry your business belongs! Asset tracking has a lot of potentials to grow business.  


According to Wikipedia, “Asset tracking refers to the method of tracking physical assets, either by scanning barcode labels attached to the assets or by using tags using GPS, BLE or RFID which broadcast their location. These technologies can also be used for indoor tracking of persons wearing a tag”.  


Can asset tracking software provide assistance to car rental organizations and agencies? 

Without a doubt yes it can! 

As of now due to COVID-19, everything is stopped! But when lockdown will be removed, people would love to travel & they will be excited to explore new places.  

 People also use cab service from travelling one place to another. For cab rentals organizations, when the tourism season is on its peak then it's hard to keep the record of cars on a manual basis. Furthermore, they need to keep track of their vehicles. This is where asset tracking software comes into play!  

The software offers real time location of each vehicle, enhancing security. Moreover, it provides the feature of check-in & check-out. Through which it is easy to keep record and you can also check which car is assigned to which tourist and when it will be returning. So that you can schedule car plan accordingly. This is how top management & employees can know how many cars are available in real-time. 

Furthermore, according to the system information you can schedule its maintenance and execute preventive maintenance. To make sure that car functions & health are good. This feature is really very helpful with there are cars in abundance! 

But how asset tracking software able to do this? 

You will receive a mail or notification as an alert or reminder informing you about the maintenance. This is how you rest assured about each car maintenance management. 

You can also know if any damage is done by the car driver! How? When there is each & every detailed information is stored in the database for each car. For e.g., if any damage scratch or dent were there before providing a car to the car driver. After that, when the car is returned then again, the whole inspection is done of the car if any new scratch or any other issue found then you can identify who is responsible for it. 

Asset tracking or asset management software provides safety to both (car & driver) and comforts a maintained vehicle can increase your driver’s comfort and safety. Well-maintained vehicles will make it feels like brand new and avoid traffic accidents danger such as fail brakes. When you know the location of your car at real-time it also provides security to your car, your asset. Moreover, when you know your car is going to the destination then has it taken the shortest route or you can help them avoid the traffic-jammed area. 

What are the advantages of asset tracking software? 

Here are the few advantages of asset tracking software 

Increasing Asset’s lifespan – When the asset maintenance is performed on a regular interval then it needs the life of assets is increased. Through asset tracking software, you will be able to manage asset very efficiently, from its procurement stage to the last stage that is disposal. Moreover, you will see each asset’s performance and check if each asset is actually providing value to the organization? 

Avoid Unnecessary Repair - It is crucial to track the life cycle of each & every asset either you are using them or not. When you are spending a lot of money on maintaining it. These types of equipment decrease an organization’s productivity. Asset tracking software keeps monitoring them and if you are not using them you can replace them. 

Identify unproductive assets – Through the analytics, you can identify which asset is taking more maintenance than it actually requires. Therefore, you can make a better decision through this information either to keep it or dispose of it or sell it. 

Information centralization – Inventory is a major part of Car rental agencies. They have tires, nut-bolts etc. as inventory. Incase if any car is not working efficiently and spare part are not available in stockroom then it not only affects productivity but also the business bottom line. 

However, when your organization is equipped with asset tracking software, all information is centralized. As a result, you will always know about your inventory such as how much inventory is left! This software sends notifications and alerts to the responsible person. 

In conclusion, why do the hard work when you can do the smart work. In simple words, it's time to switch from manual paperwork to the computerized system which will definitely make your life less chaotic. It makes your system error-free and saves you from unnecessary expenses by managing schedule maintenance. Like we have said in the starting, asset tracking software has the potential to grow your car rental business & take it to another level. 

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