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Best practices for your internal communication strategy

by soujanya yadugiri, from Telebu, on May 19
Use our products, APIs, or SDKs to easily communicate with your customers and employees. At Telebu, we help you build more meaningful relationships using our technology.
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Internal team communication is without a doubt the biggest challenge any team is facing today. No matter, whether your team is remote or co-located, getting along or getting work done is easier said than done. It’s often complicated and never irrelevant.

Enabling better communication between teams is a major benefit for the bottom line of the company. According to The McKinsey Global Institute, productivity and sales skyrocketed by 20-25% in organizations with connected and engaged teams. In a similar study, 86% of executives identify ineffective collaboration and communication as a major cause of failure in business. 

Therefore, improving internal team communication is just as important as understanding it. So, in this particular article, I have summed up some practical advice and hack that will help you perfect your internal communication plan. 

What is internal team communication? 

Internal communication is best described as the process of keeping teams/departments within an organization well connected and informed. The idea is to create and maintain a shared understanding. 

Once communication happens smoothly within an organization, all executives and employee seem to acquire benefits like:

  • Elevate levels of creativity 

  • Share a clear sense of direction

  • Promote understanding and trust 

  • Act and make decisions with courage

  • Increase levels of engagement 

  • Build and maintain better work relations 

  • Boost productivity and morale 

  • Deliver a higher quality of work

  • Avoid conflicts and situations of unrest

However, when communication fails, it can do too much damage to your organization and its goals. From constant confusion in everyday processes to degrading morale among employees—and ultimately FAILURE. The cost of poor internal communication is much higher than you would expect. 

For us, at Telebu, the concept of communication is pretty simple and straightforward—the better a team collaborates, the better are their chances to succeed in the given objective, mission, or project. And that’s what our products stand for.

We’ve created a complete team communication suite that emphasizes and empower better communication and teamwork. Our popular products: grptalk (audio conferencing services), TelebuJoin (SaaS video conferencing solution), TelebuPing (team collaboration and instant messaging software) and TelebuHub ( Call center software)


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