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Tips for Successful Cross-Functional Communication

by soujanya yadugiri, from Telebu, on Apr 27
Use our products, APIs, or SDKs to easily communicate with your customers and employees. At Telebu, we help you build more meaningful relationships using our technology.


Businesses—whether startups or enterprises—have been obsessing over team and teamwork too long. Every business finds their specific method and reasons for initiating and sustaining such models. But a handful of reasons can often make teams and teamwork suffer. Whether you’re managing a software team, marketing team, operational team, and/or a management team, some key factors that could decrease the odds of your success are: a lack of purpose, unclear roles, poor decision-making—and everything else that begins with poor team communication. On the subject of team communication, I have a particular concept in mind – cross functional team communication.

Cross functional communication happens when individuals, teams, or departments within a company join forces to work on a common goal. It’s like an “all-hands-on-deck” approach that allows organizations to make smart decisions, take fewer risks, spur innovative ideas, and drive better results.  

Workplace communication Statistics: 2019 & 2020

75% of employers rate teamwork and communication as “very important”.

More than 40% of Millennial are in favor of online communication tools and digital workplaces for better workplace communication.

39% of surveyed employees believe that people in their own organization don’t collaborate enough.

86% of employees cite a lack of communication or poor communication for workplace failures.

For us, at Telebu, the concept of communication is pretty simple and straightforward—the better a team collaborates, the better are their chances to succeed in the given objective, mission, or project. And that’s what our products stand for.

We’ve created a complete team communication suite that emphasizes and empower better communication and teamwork. This suite includes three of our popular products: grptalk (mobile audio conferencing app), TelebuJoin (SaaS video conferencing solution), and TelebuPing (team collaboration and instant messaging software). 

Now, this isn’t just a communication suite that we’ve designed to meet your internal or cross communication needs. It’s something that we’ve created for ourselves. Every department and team at Telebu uses the suite to interact faster and improve conversations within themselves as well as other teams/departments, every day.

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