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Responsive Design Mistakes to Watch Out For

by Ava Brooks, from SKT Themes, on Apr 22
If we say responsive, the first thing that comes in our mind is to create a website that will be responsive on mobile devices tablets and personal computers

We all know the importance of having a responsive website. We all wish to have a website that will be responsive and attractive to drive user attention. But we must be aware of some things that can affect our website and our potential customers. Let us cheek a few mistakes that we often do while creating a responsive website. Make sure to do not to repeat all these mistakes again to prevent your website from being hacked and getting your data lost.

Not focusing on mobile-first version

If we say responsive, the first thing that comes in our mind is to create a website that will be responsive on mobile devices tablets and personal computers. In simple a website that is created for desktop but all the features, functionality, look and feel of the website should be the same on other small and large devices. Suppose the website is created for the mobile version then scale that website in such a way that it should be responsive and look similar on the desktop computers too. Most of the businesses have made sure to create a responsive website for all devices.

Not working to improve touch screen experience

With the rapidly increasing demand for touch screens, it becomes important to make a website attractive and appealing with useful elements such as bold, large, buttons, friendly navigation, responsive and stylish layouts, etc. The common unity or the size of buttons should be similar as a thumb. If your website does not have clear visible fonts and buttons on the mobile phone no user will like to perform any type of action on your website. For example, the user should be able to click on the 'shop now' button to take them on another page. If your buttons are not clickable users will feel frustrated then they will leave your website without making any order. In a second your potential customers will leave your website and decide to purchase products from your competitor’s website.

Design Compromise

Websites based on responsive WordPress themes are created to enhance the user experience and run your website smoothly without any problem. But it does not mean that the website design should look bad. Most of the developers follow one simple rule i.e. less is more. As per their views the website with less functionality and design your website. You can also create a responsive website that looks beautiful by utilizing the space to give a look simple but elegant. Therefore to enhance the functionality you should never compromise on website design.

Ignoring the benefits of fast loading speeds

Because of broadband, we can access any desktop-based website as quick as flash speeds. Most of the users have an internet connection of 2g and 3g. This is the reason that your website takes much time to get loaded on their website. If you have not optimized your website images and multimedia content than you will lose many of your potential customers or you will face negative responses from the users due to heavy cluttered code. Therefore it becomes important to optimize your website content such as images, video. Graphics etc for speedy performance.

Hiding text or other content to suit on other small devices

While making your WordPress website responsive it is important to hide some content to fit on mobile devices or any other user preferable device. But this trick can be very dangerous for your business. Because it is possible that some of the useful content such as images and text will not be visible to your customers but still their pages are getting loaded that can slow their website speed. This can be a major headache for your customers. As they are browsing and searching for something their experience should be seamless and enjoyable. Also, it can affect your SEO ranking because search engines will mark your website content is missing. Thus this type of website results in low ranking


While creating a responsive WordPress website using responsive WordPress themes, if you are able to follow the steps and the trick that are mentioned above, we assure that you will succeed in improving user experience and Google rankings.

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