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New digital era is coming with unlimited storage device FlashSafe

by Aleksei Churkin, from Flashsafe, on Sep 6
Awesome news for all digital community: Flash drive is dead. Autumn 2016 will be known as the beginning of the new digital era of infinite flash drive with unlimited memory!

Russian startup Flashsafe launched the sales of a new gadget SmartFlash, which allows you to keep unlimited data volume and can never be hacked!

Since now you will never have a headache on where to keep your photo, music and video archives, choose what files to delete in order to find the place for new data or buy additional devices (or place in the cloud) to keep your files.

That’s a real breakthrough in the way to keep and secure data!

While global corporations like Microsoft are just working on the development of unlimited storage device, spending for this millions of budget, Russian programmers kicked the ass of corporate world and released the product to the market ;)

russian hackers

Flashsafe device looks like an ordinary USB-stick, but the information is located in a secure unlimited cloud storage where you can keep your files all lifelong with highest security level.

Flashsafe has no login or password, needs no registration or customer program on the PC.

The memory card has a software authorization chip that generates a new crack-proof password every time and thus provides a total confidentiality and anonymity, as the owner's information is not connected with his personal data on the servers.

FlashSafe storage device

You can purchase the device for $79.99 on the FlashSafe official website. You pay just once and then have life-time support, update and unlimited storage space without any hidden costs!

New unicorn is in front of you

FlashSafe is already making revenue: since the first day of product launch they received hundreds for purchase orders from different countries.

But being a startup, we need investments to grow fast and globally.

My name is Alexey Churkin, and currently I’m looking for investments for growth and expansion.

This is a great opportunity for active angels and VCs to jump on the board of the raising unicorn!

Here is my startup profile – contact me and let’s start negotiating to explore investment opportunities in FlashSafe right now!

Looking forward to see you soon!

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