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Europe's hottest startup destinations

by Administrator, on Aug 29
Are you happy with the location where you set up your startup? Or maybe you thought of moving your business somewhere else? Then this report is for you: learn about the trends and hot spots for startups in Europe...and choose your favourite one!
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A report prepared by European Startup Initiative shows the hottest spots to create a business - those spots that were chosen by startups themselves! 

First, some interesting facts which merit attention: 

23.4% of survey participants have founded their company in a country that is not their origin: 23.9% among male founders and 19.5% among female founders have moved.

High-tech startups move more often than Internet startups: 25.9% out of high-tech respondents and 22.2% out of Internet startups moved

One in six entrepreneurs regards access to capital as not relevant for the location of their startup

Western and Norther Europe face +10% increase in number of startups, while Southern and Eastern Europe observe -4% and -3% decline respectively

“Where would you start up if you could begin all over again?” 


That was a question that startup founders had to answer in the survey - they could give up to 5 votes to some of the 30 countries that they consider the best to develop a startup. Like that the heatmap, based on founders' choice, was prepared: 

We can see that besides such strong startup hubs as Berlin, London and Amsterdam, there are a few other regions, chosen by entrepreneurs: Northern European - Stockholm and Copenhagen, Baltic - Tallinn, Riga and Helsinki, Western European - Munich and some others. 

The founders were given a list of factors to choose those ones that are the most crucial when taking decision about moving to another region or country: the most popular were access to talent and quality of ecosystem.

To finalise the overview we would like to give the list of the most "attractive" startup hubs in Europe according to media:

You can find more details about different popular regions for startups in Europe, as well as the methodology in the "Startup Heatmap report".

All information and images are reproduced on InnMind from the European Heatmap report with authors' permission. 

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