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How Marijuana is Helping Many People Battle against Cancer

by Cindy Hawthorne, on Apr 13
The things that marijuana can do for you as a cancer patient are innumerable. Let’s start off with the nausea.

There has been a sudden increase in the cases of cancer over the past few years. Truth be told, cancer is not a new disease. It has been around for years, centuries actually. As a matter of fact, medical experts state that there are cancerous cells in every individual. However, they are never activated to have any effect in some people. The moment that someone hears that they have cancer, many people start calculating how soon they are going to die. It is almost a guarantee that you are going to die when you get cancer, right? Well, this is the wrong notion. Many people are surviving cancer now more than ever.

Treatment of cancer

Do not worry, this article will not be technical about all the treatments available. In fact, it is all about the management of the condition and its symptoms. One of the most popular treatment procedures that practically everyone knows about is radiotherapy. You will go in for treatment and you will be put in a certain machine. Inside that machine, you will be exposed to a calculated amount of radioactive energy to kill the cancer cells. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done.

It is not as fun as it might sound and it is also not affordable to go for this treatment. There are drugs that you have to take and they are not always effective in doing their job. This is where medical marijuana comes in to save the day. People have been talking about marijuana in such negative light for a long time now. It has been called the drug from the devil plus a whole lot of other nasty names. However, marijuana is helping a lot of people in their battle against cancer.

Marijuana and cancer battles

The things that marijuana can do for you as a cancer patient are innumerable. Let’s start off with nausea. Radiotherapy and some of the other drugs that you will be given to manage cancer will be extremely nauseating. Marijuana is great for controlling nausea. It is even used by pregnant women who are suffering from severe morning sickness.

Pain should not be a problem to you during the cancer treatment process. In the advanced stages of cancer, patients suffer a lot of pain. In that case, marijuana comes in to save them. It keeps the pain under control and at the same time it makes them a bit more active, just enough for them to engage in their daily activities.

Depression is normally common among patients with cancer. The moment you are told you have cancer, you are bound to get depressed. Marijuana tends to be such a great antidepressant. This is also why it is used in the treatment of conditions like stress, anxiety disorders and PTSD.

Generally, marijuana has many benefits when it comes to the treatment of cancer. It is only fair to close by mentioning that this drug is applied in the treatment of many other conditions including glaucoma, multiple sclerosis and arthritis.


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