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How Legal Recruiting Works and Why You Need It

by Aisha OLson, from Financial Business Guide, on Mar 19
If you’re a new law school graduate or a seasoned lawyer with years of experience on your belt, then you’ve probably already heard about legal recruiters.You may have even heard of success stories from colleagues who took advantage of their services.

If you currently remain sceptical about whether a recruiter can help you, however, the reason probably has to do with the fact that you haven’t researched how they work as thoroughly as you would research while preparing for a trial. Luckily, you can call The Heller Group to find out more about all of the advantages that you’ll receive when you work with a recruiter.

What Do Legal Recruiters Do?

There are two main services that recruiters are noted for beyond all others, and these are:

                >> Getting lawyers placed in jobs that they desire

                >> Bringing the top legal talent to law firms

While these two tasks may seem simple, each one includes a variety of stages to ensure the best possible chances of placing a new legal candidate at the right law firm. Legal recruiters work with both sides of the hiring process in order to build strong relationships with law firms that will allow them to continue to build great partnerships.

Expert Help Any Stage of Your Career

You may believe that recruiting services are only meant to be enjoyed by new law school graduates that have never before help a professional position at a firm, but this is far from the case. Many seasoned lawyers who have long and successful careers employ the services of legal recruiters because they know that there is no better resource for gaining inside knowledge about the current job market.

Hiring for Executive Positions

Recruiters work with law firms to find the best new legal talent to fill junior roles, but they also place more experienced lawyers with firms that are looking to fill executive positions. Occasionally, a senior partner in a law firm will retire and an opening is created that requires the guarantee of a seasoned hiring professional.

Extensive Services

You may have already heard of legal recruiters,but if you’ve never worked with one then you probably don’t realize the extent of the help that they can offer you. Legal recruiters do more than merely match the most talented new legal candidates with successful law firms. They also work hand-in-hand with new lawyers to guide them through every stage in the hiring process.

Contact a Legal Recruiter Early

If you’re currently in your last year of law school, you should already be well on your way to developing your applications and applying to positions. A legal recruiter can assess your progress and provide advice on anything that might be missing.

They can also provide you with inside information about the hiring process at the law firm where you’re applying. And, since legal recruiters work in partnerships with firms, you’ll already gain an advantage through this relationship.


When it comes to hiring in the legal industry, there’s no better advantage available to you than to work with a legal recruiter. Get in contact with one today!

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