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How UK accounting firms could measure their Client Experience with their Customers?

by AcoBloom International, from Acobloom International, on Mar 12
Accounting firms in UK have always the competitive advantage of knowing the client experience better than other industry as they directly deal with customers for a longer run.
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For setting the metrics for any UK accounting firms, there is a need to ascertain by connecting the dot of where do they belong in the development of the firm client relationship.

Listen to your clients: It is always fatal for accounting firms to assume that the clients are happy with their services. Always ask open-ended questions or surveys to know what the clients think about the services they got. Make sure to ask how an improvement can be done inthe process from your client. 

Net promoter score: it is the most widely used metric in customer experience by calculating the percentage of customers who would recommend the UK accounting  firms  to friends and family. The most common example is “how likely you would recommend this company to a friend or family” on a scale of 1 to 10. The result can be used to set up the customer experience strategy for better results.

Customer retention: It is common to have a client for the last 20 years in an accountancy firm as clients would like to hire only one company for their overall accounting work. To capture those quality leads, a smooth positive client experience is a must to keep them stay with the firm in the longer run. This metric helps to measure if the client comes back to take the service or not.

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