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Get More Insurance Leads from Facebook Ads in 2020

by David Gasparyan, from Phonexa, on Mar 2
According to a recent survey, 26% of Facebook users that clicked on a Facebook ad had made a purchase.
Get more insurance leads from facebook ads

With 1.49 billion daily active users on Facebook, insurance firms that put Facebook marketing on the back burner are missing out.

One of the ways you can use Facebook to bring more clients to your firm is through its ad platform. According to a recent survey, 26% of Facebook users that clicked on a Facebook ad had made a purchase.

Facebook ad conversion is a huge deal for the insurance industry, given that leads can purchase multiple financial products and can stay subscribed to your service for a long time. How can you set up Facebook ads to generate qualified leads for your insurance firm?

Here are the top 10 strategies you can implement for your next Facebook ads campaign to get ROI from your spending:

1. Send Your Audience to a Lead-Generating Landing Page

A Facebook user won’t just click on your ad just because they saw it. In fact, many users will scroll right past it. Therefore, you need to find a way to send the Facebook prospects that are seeing your ad to your landing page.

You can do this by:

  • Promoting a contest or a special offer- Creating a Facebook ad with an offer or competition will give your audience a reason to click on it. Lead the users to a landing page that is optimized for lead generation.
  • Telling an interesting narrative - Carousel ads can help you to tell a story to your prospects. These ads capture users’ attention and increase engagement.

2. Create Ads that Stand Out and Connect with Your Customers

Your ads need to stand out amongst the hundreds of posts that your target audience scrolls through. Create ads that hit your customers’ pain points and have relatable imagery. Write catchy and value-communicating headlines. Also, use bright and eye-catching colors in your ad. Explore different ad formats to see what would fit your campaign goals and generate leads.

3. Facebook Ad Targeting Works

A Facebook ads campaign that lacks a targeting strategy will burn through your ad budget. Before getting your ads live, take advantage of the following targeting options:

  • Lookalike audiences- Target your ad to customers whose interests and demographics are similar to your past customers.
  • Geo-targeting – Mobile phone shoppers expect their insurance agents to be within 5 miles. Geo-targeting gets your ad seen by local prospects. Include a local address and phone number in your ad to attract more walk-in clients.

4. Include a Call-Now Button on Your Ad

According to Google, 60% of insurance shoppers want to call an agent during purchase. Moreover, 41% of insurance shoppers would call if there was a call button included in their smartphone search results.

Include a call button on your ad to make it easier for prospects to call.

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5. Use Call Tracking Software

Today, calls generate ten times more leads than online website clicks.

Call tracking software can help you pinpoint the source of your offline calls. Thus, if you are running multiple marketing strategies, you’ll get data on which campaign drove a visitor to your site.

You can also get other vital data like the caller’s phone number, their location, how long the call lasted, and even a recording of the conversion. From this information, you will know how to improve your ads for increased call conversions.

6. Meet the Need First Before You Sell

Your ad should provide valuable information that will resonate well with your insurance prospects. For instance, you can share a helpful video on how to choose a policy or an eBook on why life insurance is necessary.

You can retarget the users that view your video with another ad to capture their email address or phone number.

7. Ad-Optimize Your Landing Page

Once your audience clicks on your Facebook ad, they are likely to be directed to your landing page. Ensure this page is well optimized for lead generation.

  • Include a click-to-call button at the top of the page to make it easier for smartphone users to call.
  • Optimize the page for mobile to improve user experience.
  • Make the page easy to navigate.

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8. Include Customer Testimonials in Your Ads

Customer testimonials and case studies build awareness and trust in your insurance business. Case studies give in-depth details on how you provide solutions and meet customer needs while testimonials provide social proof and credibility.

If you are using a video as a testimonial or case study, summarize and include essential details about it on the ad. This information should capture the interest of your target audience and make them want to click on the ad.

9. Review Your Ad and Adapt

After running your Facebook ads for some time, you’ll have enough data on performance. You can review the ad’s performance on Facebook Ads Manager for things like:

  • Click-through rate
  • Website conversions
  • Relevance score
  • Website clicks made

The results should help you determine what to do to improve the ad’s performance.

10. A/B Test Your Ad

You can also A/B test the ad by changing the color, call-to-action (CTA), messaging, or visual elements to see what works best for your audience.

Split testing requires you to run two ads that are slightly different simultaneously. After running your test, you will know which ad leads to the best results and turn off the poorly-performing one.

By implementing the above tips, Facebook ads can help you generate more business for your insurance firm.

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