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How Call Tracking Can Help Healthcare Providers Increase Their Marketing ROI

by David Gasparyan, from Phonexa, on Jan 14
A good call tracking platform makes it easy for your facility to be HIPAA-compliant by enabling redaction of personal identifying health information from the calls.
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Healthcare providers need to monitor their marketing efforts and results to know whether they are getting ROI from ad spend. Tracking results is important for identifying marketing channels that lead to more inquiries and foot traffic to your hospital.

When potential patients call your healthcare center, it is critical to track the number of calls that are resulting in bookings. Healthcare call tracking can also help to identify patient objections, which can then be handled internally to increase bookings.

You can use HIPAA compliant call tracking software to track inbound calls to your health facility. Your ROI metrics can be easily tracked through the software to uncover your facility’s strengths and weaknesses in marketing.

Below is an overview of how call tracking software can help to improve your care facility’s ROI:

Identify the Marketing Channels Driving Calls

If you are marketing your center using offline advertising, call tracking can help to identify the channels that are driving conversions. For example, if you are giving out business cards or fliers, you can indicate specific phone numbers on them and track the calls coming through.

For online campaigns, you can use dynamic insertion to show callers a unique phone number, and track the calls coming through it using the call tracking software. This way, you can identify calls originating from all the campaigns you have launched and determine the conversion rate. Call tracking and analytics will help you know the ROI of each marketing method.

HIPAA Compliant Call Tracking

Generally, patients will discuss their treatment history or provide medical information when they call. This kind of information has to be protected in accordance with HIPAA regulations. Failure to comply with HIPAA requirements can lead to heavy fines and even jail time.

A good call tracking platform makes it easy for your facility to be HIPAA-compliant by enabling redaction of personal identifying health information from the calls.

Integration with Primary Business Tools

Tracking calls provides insight into your patients’ location, the marketing channel they prefer and their needs. You can process this information using various tools to increase ROI. For example, connect call tracking software with your email marketing software to segment patients based on demographics and other attributes.

Integrating call tracking platform with other marketing tools makes lead management easier. The integration can provide a clear picture of the journey every patient in your database takes before booking.

You can use this information to increase ROI, e.g., by following up on bookings, calling patients to prevent no-shows, encouraging foot traffic through community mobilization projects, and more.

Tracking your marketing campaigns through call tracking and analytics software is critical for the good financial health of your healthcare center.

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