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How Debt Consolidation Plays a Pivotal Role in Saving Tech Startups from Bankruptcy

by Cindy Hawthorne, on Dec 6
The tech entrepreneurs are known to drive innovation in the Information Technology industry. Their tech startups work to completely revolutionize different sectors
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The tech entrepreneurs are known to drive innovation in the Information Technology industry. Their tech startups work to completely revolutionize different sectors including education, healthcare, financial services, logistics, travel, and tourism, etc. The tech startups are known to be leveraging the emerging technologies such as Machine Learning, Blockchain, Robotics, Big Data & Analytics, Fintech, and Artificial Intelligence. These tech startups are making radical changes in the way businesses run in general.

In this context, you must know that a tech startup is an organization whose primary objective is to introduce technology products and solutions to the marketplace. These organizations are supposed to deliver innovative technology services and products or present existing technology services and products in a completely new fashion. We understand that aspiring entrepreneurs generally start from zero. They face various issues because of lack of funds for moving forward. We understand that startups are supposed to be under intense stress and pressure because smooth operations are not always possible because of insufficient funds. The journey of budding tech entrepreneurs is not easy and simple. An individual starting a path-breaking business not only requires tremendous guts and dedication, but it also necessitates perfect foresight and business acumen.

Why Must Tech Startups Opt For Debt Consolidation Loan?

As per, even though a business has adequate diligence and the necessary ingredients, often the business would not be successful in delivering the aspired outcomes. This is simply because a startup does not have sufficient funds. It is necessary to get funds from diverse sources so that the business functions smoothly now and it is financially secured in the future. This implies that a startup would have to pay off its multiple creditors and at the same time do successful business to get enough money to make timely payments to the creditors.

Tech startups need robust capital for funding product or software development, marketing, office space, etc. The startups would not like to cut down their expenses or shed staff due to lack of funds. However, often tech startup entrepreneurs are compelled to think about an effective way of paying off all their debts and running the show too. This sort of crisis has motivated new entrepreneurs to opt for debt consolidation to get out of a tricky financial situation.

What Do You Mean By a Debt Consolidation Loan?

Debt consolidation is supposed to be an effective technique of taking out a larger loan for paying off multiple outstanding debts. This sort of loan would usually have a loan rate of interest. Once the diverse lines of credit seem to be integrated as one, you do not need to worry about different monthly payments and remember diverse deadlines. You simply need to make just one monthly repayment and you would be fully sorted. If you wish to learn more about debt consolidation you must visit

Debt consolidation deals with combining multiple debts into a single bigger loan with a relatively low-interest rate. Most startups take loans from various sources since their initial business capital could not be catered to by a single debt source and their resources. This happens typically in a tech startup that has a high demand for capital. While business is having a tough time dealing with tremendous business expenses and numerous debt repayments, debt consolidation comes as a boon to tech entrepreneurs and provides a huge relief to them. Here are some of the ways debt consolidation proves beneficial to tech startups.

Saves Your Business from Closing Down

In the stage where tech entrepreneurs are frustrated about paying debts and loss recovery, debt consolidation assists them to choose a smart option for consolidating their multiple debts into a single loan. If the entrepreneurs did not have this option, they would be compelled to file for bankruptcy and opt for business closure.

Provides peace of mind to the Debtors

Repaying all outstanding debts is simply not a financial issue. Debts adversely impact your peace of mind and overall mental well-being.  Debtors depend on the debt consolidation loan for getting rid of their overpowering debts and enjoying mental peace at last. Debt consolidation would allow them to cut down their debts in numerous effective ways. Moreover, debt consolidation provides grace time for paying back the loan.

Assists in Paying Off Existing Loans Faster

A debt consolidation loan would bring instant cash flow as such, tech startups could quickly pay off all their outstanding debts wisely and quickly. The excess amount from the loan could be used for other requirements related to the business or kept aside as savings for later use.

Enjoy the Benefit of Just a Sole Creditor

One of the greatest benefits of debt consolidation for tech startups and other small businesses is the fact that you are left with just a single creditor. Since all your previous debts are repaid by the debt consolidation firm, the debtor is left with only a single creditor to manage. The debtor would no longer need to remember multiple due dates, diverse rates of interest, etc. He would no longer need to worry about reminder calls or nagging collection calls.

Helps to Avoid Bankruptcy

The tech startups usually invest everything that they have including their assets and savings into their dream venture. In such cases, since there is nothing else to depend on, debt consolidation proves to be beneficial and businesses turn to debt consolidation as their last resort before filing for bankruptcy.

The Secret to Startup Success: Assigning Strict Budget Lines

Since startups always have limited resources at their disposal it is important to chalk out a budget for every department. Ensure that every department adheres strictly to the budget. Suppose there has been some emergency expenditure in certain departments, you could consider cutting down expenses in other departments to nullify the effect.

You must avoid overspending. Startups make the major mistake of spending a lot in the initial stages because of the enthusiasm and excitement of a new business or simply to compete with the standards of the already reputed and established business competitors. It is quite a wrong decision to go on overspending on marketing and promotional campaigns.


With effective debt management and smart financial planning, you could easily help your tech startup to flourish and establish a niche for itself in the industry. Innovative business expansion ideas and perfect strategies are essential along with sufficient business funds and efficient employees for ultimate startup success.

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