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Do you know about the state of Inbound Marketing in 2015?

by Administrator, on Aug 14
We have prepared this overview based on the report "State of Inbound 2015" - read and learn the main figures.
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Ekaterina Voronova from InnMind has taken a close look at the Marketing aspect in the "State of Inbound 2015" report by Hubspot and prepared an overview of the most interesting trends. The link to the full report can be found in the end of the article (shared with the editor's permission). 

Every year marketing specialists are asked numerous questions about their activities and major challenges. In 2015 the biggest challenge remained the same as in 2014 (though its importance is fading): to prove the ROI of marketing activities.

When we take a look at the following graphs, we can notice that in order to get more budget for marketing goals, you need to increase ROI in comparison to the previous year and demonstrate it.

"Demonstrating positive ROI makes you nine times less likely to see a lower budget the following year than if your team failed to show a positive return".

A good way to ensure positive ROI is to check marketing analytics is to choose analytics on a regular basis:

"Marketers who check their metrics 3x + times per week are over 20% more likely to achieve positive ROI". 

While prooving ROI remains the biggest challenge, we can observe that there are some new challenges arising: finding an executive sponsor and training the team. There is a higher demand for educated and qualified marketing professionals and the marketers look for executives to secure the budget allocated for marketing goals. 

Before we go start discussing the state of Inbound marketing detail, let's summarize what it means. Inbound (in contrast to outbound) is pulling the customer to the product. It includes such techniques as content marketing, SEO, social media, email marketing, etc. While Inbound Marketing can be easily associated with modern ways of communicating the message (after asking the permission of the user), Outbound marketing is considered to be more traditional, the one which pushes message to the client, without asking and even intervening into potential audience's activities. It is TV, radio, billboards, etc. 

Interesting observation:

Almost all marketing specialists are aware of Inbound strategy in this or other way and 75% of marketers set Inbound Marketing tactics as a priority 


We can see that in 2015 Inbound Marketing dominates for the following sectors: B2B, B2C and Nonprofit. When speaking about the size of the company and their marketing strategies: bigger companies tend to follow the traditional techniques of Outbound Marketing more than the small and medium ones (see below). 

On the graph below we can observe that both inbound and outbound marketers estimate that paid advertisement is the most overrated marketing tactic.  

To learn more you can read the "State of Inbound 2015" report. We kindly ask you to fill in the survey about your marketing practices - as a bonus you will get early access to "State of Inbound 2016".

All illustrations used in the overview are originated from "State of Inbound 2015" report. 

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