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Androids Are Not Just A Business Tool

by Elena Randall, on Oct 5
When the long day of work is complete and it is time to wind down, you can still use your Android to have fun and ‘chillax’ before you rest for the night.

Most people want to shut down their phones for the rest of the day when the timecard has been punched. Not so for everyone. There are some very interesting and intriguing apps available on Android designed and created by top software companies. Not everything has to be all work now.

One of the more interesting apps created for your Android is a treasure hunting, metal detector. The technology behind this interesting app is the compass will allow the mobile device to read the levels of the magnetic field in the area that you are in. However, you may not find a pirate’s long lost treasure, but you are sure to find your lost ring, coins or the key you lost last week.

For those of us that enjoy a walk in the woods or leaf collecting. LeafSnap is an app which allows the user to identify the type of tree by placing a leaf on the phone and taking a picture of it. There is one of these types of apps created by top software companies for learning which breed of dog you are looking at. This is very useful when adopting a dog from the shelter also.

Dream of becoming a news anchor? Maybe starting your own podcast? Mixlr will put you there! The app allows for communication with your fans and audience. top software companies have found the way to make you a DJ in a matter of minutes, allowing you to share your music and why it is your favorite song. You can be the music at many celebrations when you download this app.

For those that enjoy sun tsunamis and other wild effects given off by the sun, the app is called ‘3D Sun’. Your phone can ring whenever the sun flares or erupts. This is made possible by feeds directly from the NASA folks. Not only will you receive reports from the surface of the sun, but you can also watch the Northern lights via your device, thanks to top software companies.

Be different then all the others at the next concert you attend. The majority of people now use the flashlights on their devices to wave in the air during concerts. There was a time when it was much more intriguing when concert goers used their lighters. Now you too can use your Zippo lighter. It is not an actual flame, just a virtual flame that appears to be the real thing. Stop following the crowd and bring back the flame at your concert events.

For the do it yourself hobbyists, there are what is called ‘instructables’. A cool little app from top software companies that will give you the instructions needed to build over 100,000 different little gadgets. With this app, you will find recipes, weird inventions and even useful ideas for making your own furniture. Who could ask for anything more?

How about some more useful apps that should be created? Are you listening all you top software companies? Here are some ideas that would be useful to many, many people.

A navigation system for the incredibly large malls around the country now. Many hate having to walk for long periods of time to locate one store in a huge four-story mall. This would also assist parents with children who always have to ‘go’! top software companies have already found ways to help you locate your vehicle in large parking lots, so why not navigation for stores?

All students could utilize a virtual app created by top software companies that allow them to study for different exams together, without physically being in the same room. Yep, parents out there will appreciate the help their student accesses for the ACT or PSAT exams.

There are some stores that allow a shopper to scan their items as they shop, they can bag their groceries as they find them and ultimately pay by phone. This would be a great idea to put to use in these locations that have been eliminating the cashiers that do the work for you. This would also allow one to pack their groceries the way they want them to avoid the heavy items on top of the fragile vegetables or bakery items.

The majority of consumers have utilized the total home security apps created by top software companies. There are apps that allow you to visualize who is at your door, even if you are not there. Apps that allow you to verify that you locked your doors, shut your garage door and also your car. We are able to set timers to turn on lights at a certain time to appear that there are people in the home so that would-be criminals avoid your home.

Financially, the top software companies have designed apps for your Android that allow you to track finances, let you know when certain payments are due, split bills, if you have roommates and track where the finances go. This will allow many of us to save money instead of wasting it on unnecessary items.

Many of these are possible in use on your Android device already, if not, I suggest checking out some of these. Who knows what you could locate with any one of these?

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