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8 Effective Lead Generation Tips for New Insurance Agents

by David Gasparyan, from Phonexa, on Sep 10
Meeting your insurance agency’s targets for new prospects is critical for the growth of your business. Every insurance agent, especially those just starting out, should work to bring in more customer opportunities.
Lead generation tips for new insurance agents

Meeting your insurance agency’s targets for new prospects is critical for the growth of your business. Every insurance agent, especially those just starting out, should work to bring in more customer opportunities. For your firm to be successful, insurance lead generation should be a recurring activity.

Here are 8 lead generation tips you can implement to get insurance leads for your agency.

1.  Ask for Referrals

There’s nothing as great as happy and loyal customers referring new prospects to you. Your current customers already know your brand and trust you. However, sometimes customers just need a small nudge from you to start talking about your brand. Do not be afraid to ask them for referrals.

You can also incentivize your clients to send new leads your way by starting a referral program. Make sure your incentive is worthwhile for the effort you’ll be asking from your clients. For example, you can offer discounts on premium renewals for every qualified lead they send your way.

2.  Connect with Prospects on Social Media

Today more than ever, so much of your target audience is on social media. From Facebook to Twitter, LinkedIn to Instagram, you’ll have countless opportunities to reach out to prospects on the largest social media sites. Establish a presence on the social networks where your audience is most active and connect with them.

For example, if you are targeting new moms with a policy for their newborns, you can easily find them on Facebook. If you are looking for entrepreneurs to insure their businesses, LinkedIn is a goldmine. You can also connect with your target market through specialized forums, Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, and other online organizations.

3.  Focus on Niche Communities

You can also define a niche and build your marketing plan around it. Focusing on a highly-defined niche makes it easy to understand your prospects needs and objections to signing up for insurance. With this information, you can create campaigns that address any issues and relay the value of your services to your target market.

4.  Close More Sales Using Live Chat

Take steps to generate more leads with a live chat feature. Having a live chat feature allows prospects to ask any questions that come to mind, allowing your sales team to quickly respond and nurture the prospective client’s interest.

Most live chat software programs also allow you to see your visitor’s activity on your website. When you know the visitors’ activities on your site, you can draw them into your sales funnel by asking or providing relevant information that they may need.

5.  Implement Email Marketing

Through email marketing, you can reach your prospects with your message any time you want. For email marketing, come up with a plan that will build trust with your subscribers. One way of doing this is by offering value through your content. Create newsletters with informative and relevant content to engage subscribers over time.

Take advantage of automation tools available in email marketing platforms to better connect with your prospects and leads.

6.  Optimize Your Website Content for SEO

Craft your content strategy to meet the SEO requirements of search engines. Do keyword research to find out which search phrases your target audience types when looking up information about your services.

Your website content should be developed to educate, engage, and close new visitors. Incorporate your target keywords in your content and implement on-page optimization to attract search engine traffic.

7.  Identify Winning Marketing Campaigns

It is crucial to analyze your marketing campaigns to know how they are performing. Every campaign you are running should be periodically analyzed and optimized to improve performance. For example, you should check which campaigns are generating the most traffic to your landing pages. You can also analyze the quality of leads generated through different campaigns.

Call tracking software and lead management software can help you pinpoint the exact campaigns that are generating the most leads for your business.

8.  Use Paid Search to Generate New Business

Implementing pay per click (PPC) campaigns is another way of generating targeted leads for your insurance business. Depending on the demographics of your target customers, you can set up PPC campaigns on Google Ads, Bing Ads, or Facebook to widen your reach and serve your ads directly to them.

For great conversion rates, make sure your PPC ads are linked to relevant landing pages. For example, if your ad is about car insurance, the landing page should have information about car insurance.

Which of the above lead generation strategies are you using to generate leads for your insurance business?

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