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Tips for Getting the Most from Your CMM Machine

by Aisha OLson, from Financial Business Guide, on Jun 3
CMM machines play a vital role in helping to automate production lines in factories across North America, which in turn have allowed the entire manufacturing industry to compete against factories located in countries where labor costs are lower.

Here are some tips, so that your company can get the maximum return possible from your CMM machine.

Seek Out True Expertise for Repairs

Does your company have an in-house metrology expert? If not, you can hire one on contract to calibrate your machine, and give you expert advice on how to find replacement parts. Beyond the various kinds of machines or parts, they will help you learn about the latest software options and other crucial aspects to the functioning of any CMM machine.

Any expert you entrust with your CMM machine must be ISO 9000 and ISO 17025 accredited.

Constant Maintenance, Right from the Beginning

CMM machines are highly sensitive, and they must be relied upon to give extremely accurate results; it’s essential that they receive regular maintenance and that they’re installed by a professional metrologist in the first place.

The performance of CMM machines can be impacted by factors like the temperature and condition of the room in which it is operating. These variables need to be properly controlled right from the time of installation, so you feel confident that your machine is working perfectly.

When you do need regular maintenance, consult an authorized CMM machine dealer. Aside from selling the equipment they also provide a range of services, such as: upgrades and retrofits, CMM calibration, portable arm recalibration, machine relocation, and preventative maintenance. Authorized dealers usually have many years of industry experience, and they can often offer you assurances and guarantees that you won’t find from independent repairmen.

Help Employees and Machines Work Together

While CMM machines have been an invaluable tool to help enable automation, operating them can still require human employees. You need your workers to be properly trained in CMM machines in order to get the most from your equipment. Look to find a measurement solutions provider that offers CMM training courses, either in a classroom or by e-learning modules.

In-class sessions have the advantage of letting students get hands-on experience with various kinds of real CMM equipment. E-Learning courses let employees learn how to use the equipment at their own speed, with the convenience of attending the courses without having to leave the factory where they’re already working. Employees who have been sufficiently trained can use the course as a refresher, while any employee can consult the extensive library of software features provided in the E-Learning software.

CMM machines have played a valiant role in helping North America’s manufacturing sector during a vulnerable time, but for them to be effective, they must work perfectly. To get the highest grade performance from yours, make sure that you get it installed properly from the beginning, get it repaired regularly by real experts, and ensure that your CMM machine operators are adequately trained. If you do all these things, this equipment should help your company for years to come.

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