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5 Top Reasons to Use Security ID Guest Cards

by Aisha OLson, from Financial Business Guide, on May 24
Security ID is one of the most effective ways to make any business or institution safer. ID cards can be used for many purposes of security, such as keeping track of employees or clients, or as a promotional tool for loyalty membership programs.

Security ID cards provide organizations of many types with an extremely effective way to monitor the access that authorized personnel, such as employees, have to sensitive locations. The system works best when a company purchases their own complete security ID card printing system so that they are able to design and create new cards on-the-fly as new personnel gain authorization.

It’s easier to keep an area secure when no one that has not been issued a security ID card is able to gain admittance to a location that requires a security card for access. That’s why it’s important to ensure that you buy a security ID card printing system that includes the ability to print temporary ID cards for visitors. To emphasize this importance, here are five of the top reasons why every security ID card system should use temporary ID cards:

  1. Time Sensitive

One of the main benefits of temporary ID cards is that they can be programmed so that their security access credentials expire automatically after a specified amount of time. This ensures that no one who has been issued a temporary security ID card is able to gain access to sensitive areas of a company beyond their original admittance period.

  1. Promotional Material

After a visitor uses their temporary security ID card for their visit, it isn’t necessary for that person to return the card. When a business takes advantage of the professional quality printer and software supplied with an ID card security system, they can easily turn their temporary ID cards into attractive business cards to be kept by guests as promotional material and contact references.

  1. High-Resolution Graphics

Security ID card printers require exceptional resolution abilities in order to maintain the highest standards in security. The purpose of high-quality graphics fulfills two main goals:

  • Attractive and Professional ID Cards
  • Prevention of Fake ID Cards
  1. Photo ID Capability

With a complete security ID card printing system, it’s easy to quickly take a photograph of anyone who requires a new card to be issued. Security ID printing systems can issue a new card extremely fast so that even temporary passes can act as temporary photo ID for the location, which provides your organization with better security capabilities.

  1. More Affordable than Security Cameras

Installing and monitoring a security camera system is costly and time-consuming. When your organization’s physical location can only be accessed using security ID cards that can be issued for every single person that enters, including guests, there is less need for cameras.

Temporary security ID cards are just one example of the many ways that PVC security ID cards can bring a professional level of security clearance to an organization or business. Contact a security ID card printer supplier today to learn more!

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