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How to find institutional investors for a STO?

by Alexander Vollet, from IR CONSULT, on May 8
Now, it seems that STOs are triggering a new boom in the financing of companies or projects. Every week, new websites are published and meetings are held in many large cities on this interesting topic.
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Or, is it all just a matter of optimizing the purpose to have a new topic for business generation after the end of ICOs?

In our opinion, STOs really have a great future. Tokens are now securities, require a prospectus and are approved by local financial regulators. This increases transparency and security considerably - similar to other securities, i.e. shares or bonds. This also means that they can now be offered to the public - almost globally via the web. Overall, the generation of capital through a STO is even faster and cheaper than with a normal financing round or an IPO.

 On the other hand, profit sharing or an increase in the value of the company can now also be distributed to the investors if the company is resold. This finally makes an investment in token interesting for institutional investors. However, are there already any who invest in STOs?

 The answer is a clear yes, but still far too few. The core problem is that there are no regulated exchanges and prices for tokens. So public funds are not even allowed to invest in STOs. Additionally, a crypto wallet is not yet permitted in the professional fund sector. However, these disadvantages should be eliminated in the current year: the Swiss stock exchange SIX and the stock exchange in Stuttgart (Germany) want to introduce regulated crypto exchanges and services. Nevertheless, the financial supervisory authorities will still have to permit such investments.

Within the framework of alternative investment funds or family offices, however, investments in tokens are already possible today. In the last two years, several funds have been founded, but now they are flooded with inquiries from start-ups. In order to help them with the selection process, it is advisable that the money-seeking companies prepare themselves for the capital market, establish transparent documents and present them personally if necessary. A personal contact to the investment managers is of course even more supportive.

Since 1994, the IR CONSULT team has advised almost 100 companies on their IPOs and their subsequent investor relations. For two years, we have also been active in the crypto sector and have built up an excellent network of partners (IT, law, marketing, platform and institutional investors) in order to successfully realize the growth capital financing of European companies via VC (venture capital) or STOs. More Details at or

Contact: Alexander Vollet

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