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"ICO regulation, taxation and legal setup" Workshop by PwC

by Administrator, on Jul 12
The team of PwC has talked about pros and cons of doing ICO funding, the main stages of developing an ICO, etc.

 At Blockchain Leadership Summit on March 9, 2018 “PwC” made a workshop “The compliance taxes regarding Blockchain and ICO”. The team of PwC has talked about pros and cons of doing ICO funding, the main stages of developing an ICO, types of Tokens defined by FINMA (Switzerland) and tax consideration in Switzerland related to token economy. We present you a summary of the workshop to share with you the information about launching your ICO project in Switzerland. Read below

Key advantages of ICO (compared to IPO or others financing means by equity):

  1. Effective – ICO is quicker than an IPO
  2. With the ICO you do not dilute the current equity stake in your company  
  3. You can build an ecosystem using your token
  4. ICO is a good marketing tool                                                                                                                                                           

Disadvantages of ICO:

  1. There is certain uncertainty in most jurisdictions around the world in how tokens are effectively qualified (in Switzerland, there is a guideline to conduct ICO, which gives description of different categories of tokens).
  2. Types of tokens are not defined.
  3. Your ICO can be hacked.
  4. Tax treatment is unclear.

Project timeline of ICO:


Business strategy

Token Utility and Economy Design

Detailed planning

Sales execution

Business execution


Understand market landscape and industry pain points


Design and refine business, financial and operating model


Key team buildout

Design and refine token utility and economic model


Sales Mechanics


Token economy


Token Valuation

Selection of professional advisors


Selection of business/token advisors


Advice on legal tax, accounting, advisory and transfer pricing


FINMA clearing


Design funding concept and potential funding services


Define sale strategy (target segment, pricing strategy and etc.)


Define token sale timeline (presale, public sale) and related marketing plan



ICO lead advisory services


Legal documentation, drafting, review


Accounting planning and budgeting


Operational framework design


Governance framework design


Strategic alliances


M&A advisory

Example of Deliverables

Project Strategy


Business model


Project overview/ FAQ

Whitepaper support


ICO readiness check


Incorporation of legal entity


Immigration services


Short list of potential investors


Launch of web-site


Campaign management& SEO/ landing page

Insurance of sale documents


KYC and AML process finalized

High level timeline

4- 12 weeeks

4 weeks


Types of Tokens (economic function):





What types of requirements and areas can be relevant for tokens:

  1. Collecting investment schemes act (if you are actively raising funds)
  2. AML act (anti-money laundering) (if you are issued payment token/ actively involved in payment transfers)
  3. Deposits (banked license required) 
  4. Security

Tax consideration:

Watch the full PwC workshop ICO regulation, taxation and legal setup: PWC workshop below:

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