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New revolutionary tool for restaurants

by Edvin Lisovskij, from Box2Table, on May 1
Choosing a software, which will help tom manage food servicing business is not a an easy task.

Point-of-Sale terminal for a company should be chosen wisely, based on current business needs, keeping in mind what features are important to improve the efficiency.

Imagine a system that will help to improve and optimize your inventory and structurize customer relationship management. A platform where money transfers to suppliers will be done in minutes with a possibility to borrow funds to pay for orders. You might be thinking if all those vital features are possible to be placed in one system? Box2Table team says - YES!

Any restaurant owner understands the importance of a quality customer experience, while maintaining reasonable profits. Many problems arise when entrepreneurs use outdated systems- there is always a big chance for a business to lose more money than expected. The Box2Table platform offers multiple benefits for food and beverage servicing enterprises.

POS (Point Of Sales)

The Box2Table POS system will has a number of features, which will significantly increase business’s productivity and reduce labor costs. Users are able to create customized menus in minutes and update it easily from any device, anywhere.

Owners of businesses will be able to track each employee entering an order (made action), number of tables served and general information for the day (how many items were sold, number of orders, sales, profits and losses).

All sales data, products usage history and other important information will be entered in the blockchain. Cloud data storage will allow it to immediately receive information on inventory management and bookkeeping to generate required accounting reports.

Smart Inventory Management

Current inventory management platforms don’t precisely determine the amount of goods in the inventory. We are solving the existing shortcomings of similar systems with AI (Artificial Intelligence). Below are main features of Box2Table SIM (smart inventory management):

  • Forecasts on stocks based on collected data of product usage.

  • Automated notifications on low inventory.

  • Forecast of profit and loss (expenses).

  • Search for alternative suppliers based on the ranking, geographical location and relative similarity of the purchased products.

  • Sales analytics, imported from the POS system, will allow owners to compare results over time on various categories  (e.g. loyal customers` orders and new sales).


Entrepreneurs won’t have to create lists of products they use manually and search for suppliers distributing them. Products will be recorded automatically when making an order through our platform and it would help users to make decisions on future orders, spendings and use of resources.

Smart loans ecosystem

Sometimes businesses run out from cash but sometimes orders for the next month should be processed immediately. The Box2Table platform will allow restaurants to finance goods ordering with the help of smart contracts, if needed.

Blockchain smart contracts conduct transactions without additional online/offline confirmations and crosschecks.The new process completely replaces transactions guarantee function of trade documents (invoices and BL). Loans will be automatically processed for businesses if the pre-contract conditions recorded in the Blockchain will be met.

Customer Relationship Management

The idea of great hospitality and customer relationship management (CRM) is not new to the industry. Many restaurant owners, general managers, reservationists and wait staff rely on their memory, or simple paper and pen, to make notes on loyal diners and ways to deepen those relationships.

Here is where Box2table enters the game. Advanced CRM software has begun to revolutionize this process, making it faster, scalable and more interactive. As restaurants continue to adopt these innovations in tech, guest relations are likely to keep changing and become more personal and elevated.  With our technology, it will be easier for small independent restaurants to achieve higher levels of service, creating an elevated guest experience before, during and after each meal.

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