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How Office Decor Can Improve Workplace Productivity

by Emma Marie, on Apr 18
It's something that we don't put enough thought into, but why not? We have known for decades that the décor in an office or workplace can impact the productivity of the employees who work in it
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It's something that we don't put enough thought into, but why not? We have known for decades that the décor in an office or workplace can impact the productivity of the employees who work in it. So, why isn't every office taking these tips and hints to heart to create a workspace that is designed to boost employee productivity? We don't know but forget all of them, you can put the following tips into action and expect to see a difference in your employees almost immediately.

  • Natural Light

According to studies, from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, natural light increases productivity, and that's not all – it also provides a helpful boost to creativity and energy levels, too. Their research discovered the presence of natural light was enough to keep them focused 15% longer than employees who were deprived of natural sunlight. So, if your office is designed in such a way that some (or all) of your employees are being deprived of natural sunlight throughout the day you have two options. You can either give them extra time to get outside and enjoy a bit of sun or (this is particularly helpful for areas that don't get a lot of sun) you can invest in lamps that replicate natural light.

  • Colors

Certain colors promote productivity and clarity, while others can leave people feeling angry or sad. So, research your color of choice and make your choice wisely. Blue is generally accepted as an effective thought stimulator, while yellow leaves people feeling happy and creative. Green can bring a sense of calm, while red generally leaves people angry and stressed. If you want to sooth choose colors that are muted and soft. If you want to stimulate, don't be afraid to go bright. If there is no way to change the color then use accessories to create the effect you're looking for.

  • Scents

Have you ever noticed how tense your employees get when there's an unpleasant smell in their space? No one likes it. Likewise, pleasant smells give them a boost. There have been plenty of studies into this, but many have found scents like lemon, lavender, jasmine, and patchouli to be particularly effective. The most subtle way to pipe these scents into the office is with an aromatherapy diffuser – it's a cheap, but seriously effective, tool.

  • Ergonomics

This shouldn't be seen as an additional cost, you should be looking at this as an investment in your employees. Providing them with ergonomic equipment and setups will help prevent neck and backache, as well as prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. This means you are preventing health problems for your employees, which is just good for your bottom line – in terms of employee productivity, saving on sick time, and more. One of the easiest ways to improve the ergonomics of your office is to encourage your employees to adjust their chairs – their feet should sit on the floor and their knees should be level with the hips. A cushion in the curve of the back can provide lumbar support if the chair doesn't already do so. You can also provide your employees with headsets and wrist rests.

  • A Quiet Place

Most offices these days follow an open-plan, which is the best way to distract your employees and drive them insane. If this describes your office, create a quiet place or a chill zone for your employees to escape to. While an open layout is great for your team to interact, it can be a serious distraction to others. Don't discourage your employees from listening to music (using headphones) while they work, giving them this control is a great way to boost their productivity as it allows for them to shut out all of those distractions.

  • Nature

Plants are good for improving air quality, which means fewer germs floating around (which means less sickness), they're also great at boosting productivity, concentration, and the overall well-being of your employees. So, find some great indoor potted plants and make sure there are plenty of them throughout your offices.

  • Temperature 

You might be worried about shaving your energy bills to improve your bottom line, but if your employees are too warm/cold then their work will suffer. Don't be so quick to turn the heat down or turn the AC off. Create a comfortable working environment for employees if you want to get the best out of them.

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