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Global Investor Survey: anxious optimism in a complex world

by Administrator, on Apr 17
InnMind presents review of PwC report 2018 Global Investor Survey
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 This report, 2018 Global Investor Survey, is created by PwC to understand the thinking and strategic direction of chief executive officers (CEOs) around the world and how their views compare with the perceptions and expectations of investment professionals. Two groups were asked for their opinions on growth prospects in a disruptive environment, the effects of globalisation, threats and challenges that companies face today, views about what has impact on customers’ and employees’ trust.

Investment professionals answered our questions in relation to what they expect from the companies they invest in or follow, whereas CEOs responded in the context of what their own organisation is doing. So, this report will also be useful for beginning entrepreneurs to see what investors expect from startups.

As for global economic growth both groups talk about improvements: 54% among investment professionals, and 57% - CEOs. These results are more positive comparing to the last year: 45% of investment professionals, and 29% - CEOs in 2017 observed positive improvements.

However, respondents are optimistic when speaking about 12-month period. When asked about long-term changes, both groups are more pessimistic: they say that revenue growth will decrease. You can see it on the picture:

Next question to participants was: Which of the following activities, if any, do you think companies should be planning (for investors) or are you planning (for CEOs) in the next 12 months in order to drive corporate growth or profitability?

Answering this question, respondents shared the opinion that companies can develop organically. On the second position among development activities is cost reduction.


As for countries having significant influence on  growth, during two years we have such leaders (on investment professionals and CEOs’ opinion):

In 2017











This year, we got the following results:

Investment professionals and CEOs share opinions on many aspects,  but things CEOs worry about are not the same for investment professionals. For example:

  • 28% of investment professionals and 42% of CEOs are concerned about  over-regulation;
  • 19% of investment professionals and 41% of CEOs are concerned about terrorism;
  • 18% of investment professionals and 36% of CEOs are concerned about increasing tax burden.

Investment professionals changed their opinion comparing to their answers for 2017. In 2017, 35% of investment professionals were concerned about future of the eurozone and 21% of them were concerned about speed of technological change.

Investment professionals and CEOs both agree: increasing pressure for companies to deliver results under shorter timelines is the biggest challenge that companies face today. However, they differ in their perceptions about declining trust. You can see it in the graph:

Participants were also asked about automation and decreasing company headcount. 26% of investors think that automation will decrease company headcount to a large extent. This result is twice as much as last year: in 2017 only 13% viewed automation as a danger for company headcount to a large extent. As for CEOs’ answering the same question, they are stable:

  • in 2017, 25% voted that automation decreases company headcount to a large extent and 55% thought that automation decreases headcount to some extent;
  • in 2018, 28% vote that automation decreases company headcount to a large extent and 52% thought that automation decreases headcount to some extent.

Other thing where opinions of participant groups are different is about the most important factors for attracting talent. You can see the difference in the graph:

We know that company cannot successfully sell products without trust of customers. 64% of investors think that cybersecurity should be top priority for building trust with customers. Meanwhile, 50% of CEOs think that transparency about aspects of the organization’s business strategy contributes to the creation of trust of customers. You can see other answers to this question in the following graph:

Learn more about this survey in 2018 Global Investor Survey.

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