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Growth hacking innovations!

by Administrator, on May 24
InnMind launches the first startup competition online, seeking for the most disruptive business models for innovative startups

“Growth hacking innovations” - the first online competition on the best disruptive business models of innovative startups.

The main goal is to show that behind an innovative idea and technology the startup needs to have a well prepared business strategy to deliver their idea to the market and end-customers.

“Idea's worth little, execution is worth everything” © Steve Jobs

And the main instrument for design execution plan for startup is business model description. That is why the startups from worldwide will compete in the best designed business models, proving that they have execution plan and know how to manage it.

It is our first experimental model, where the jury consists of INVESTORS who will judge, analyse and choose the winners. The winners will have an opportunity to enter investment round with one of jury members and receive support in startup development!

We're looking for startups in IT security, Healthcare, IoT, FinTech, Human and machine behavioral analysis, because exactly these sectors are of interest for investors in the jury. And that's the only limitation: you can be from any region on the planet, any stage and gender, ant team size and so on. You just need to have an innovative startup (or project) and the idea on how to execute it.

Apply now and take your chance to be presented to jury of investors, get valuable insight and feedback about your business model from experts and serial intrepreneurs and - WIN and RAISE INVESTMENTS!

The competition will be divided into 2 parts:

  1. Online competition of the business models design (using business model canvas and other available tools) 25 May – 15 June 2016

To participate startups should send the request to with the link to their startup profile on with the attached business model description.

For this they can use any of the available business model canvas templates: canvases for business model design are kindly provided by Alex Osterwalder and Ash Maurya, and available on InnMind Documents section.

Experienced jury of serial entrepreneurs and investors will evaluate the innovativeness of the projects and will judge precisely the described execution plans (business models) for the following parameters: details, design, originality and consideration of the reality of implementation.

  1. Final: online pitch competition, where the winners of step 1 will present their business models in up to 10-min online pitch.  23 June – 10 July 2016.

The best projects will be chosen by jury for the second step of the competition. Finalists will present execution plans/business models in online pitch in front of jury members by skype. They will have 5 minutes for pitch and 5 minutes for questions from jury.

The winner will be announced globally on 15 July 2016.

This competition is the direct way to your startup success!

Prizes for finalists:

Special venture nomination is provided by Maxfield Capital – international venture capital firm. Maxfield Capital operates in Europe, USA and Israel and invests in global early and growth stage technology companies. One of the finalists will be chosen for due-diligence and precise evaluation for the possible investment round with Maxfield Capital.

Special nomination is provided by VentureClub – one of the biggest Russian platforms for syndicated angel investments with the community of 700+ angel investors from 6+ countries. One of the finalists, which project match with interests of VentureClub team, will be chosen for the due-diligence and advanced analysis for the possible investment round with VentureClub.

The special prize from INNOVARE: the complex support in equivalent of 5’000.00 euro, including 50+ hours of mentoring sessions with best experts in startup development, market implementation and fundraising, helping to polish your execution strategy and strengthen the business side of your innovative idea, and the support in establishing direct contacts with investors in your field.

VCEE Startups will gladly offer a special prize for 2 members of the top startup team: free tickets to the nearest edition of International Investor Day!
IID is a community-building event, offering productive networking with 500+ business players from all over Europe and the USA and an access to 100+ investors!



Region: There is NO regional limitation, you can be from any part of the world. The whole competition goes online to make it simple, time-efficient, transparent and available for everyone. 


1. Register and fill in startup profile on InnMind and attach the business model description. For this they can use any of the existing business model canvas templates. For your convinience you can download them directly from the documents section.

2. Send your InnMind profile with attached business model describtion on This email also can be used for any questions you have about competition. We will contact directly with all startups, who sent requests, and will provide you all the details and useful tips.

For the part 2 you need to have good internet connection for online pitch by skype, presenting your business models to the Jury.

Stage: pre-seed, seed, prototype, ready-to-market

Fields: IT security, Healthcare, IoT, FinTech, Human and machine behavioral analysis

Language: english.

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