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Review of ICO funding in 2017

by Administrator, on Dec 16
Look at ICO funding of startup in 2017 worldwide in infographic.
Review of ico funding in 2017

In this infographic we look at the most popular topic among startups and investors, ICO. We made a review of ICO Funding Report 2017 created by Funderbeam.

ICO funding started gaining traction in 2016 and exploded in 2017, where the funding increased from $228m to $2,6bn. The number of rounds has quadrupled and is nearly reaching 150.  

Yes, there are really many startups that start an ICO campaign to fund money. And the major task for investors is to separate scams from real and sustainable projects.  
InnMind has launched a series of ICO analysis to help identify projects worth investing and separate them from potential scam and fraud.
Here is the first analysis ICO Analysis Report: Lordmancer II

In Europe, Switzerland has seen the highest number of ICOs, with a total of 13. This is just ahead of the UK, who had 8 ICOs and a total of $71m in ICO funding. In Europe also average ICO round-sizes are the highest when compared to all other stages of funding.

Looking at the industries that are raising funds through ICOs, it’s no surprise that the vast majority of the companies are related to financial services and cryptocurrencies. Outside of these, there’s been a significant amount of gaming companies, as well as companies related to big data, AI, and media.

You can find more information in this infographic.

The graphs in the infographic were taken from ICO Funding Report 2017

Some highlights from the report:

👉 While global funding has been decreasing slightly over the last few years, ICOs have had a massive increase in funding. The same trend continues with the number of rounds. While globally the rounds have been decreasing faster than the rate of total funding, this year ICO rounds have jumped to an all-time high.

(On the first graphic the grey bars represent the total number of startup funding rounds globally, the pink bars show the total ICO rounds throughout time. The grey line shows global funding since 2014, including ICO funding. The pink line only shows ICO funding.)

👉 Europe stood out in 2014 with the highest average round. But so far in 2017, North America and Asia when compared to Europe have rounds almost twice as large. In North America, the average ICO round-size was $31,5m in 2017, in Asia it was $30,7m, and in Europe $16,7m.

👉 North America has the most funding out of all regions raised by ICOs, almost twice as much as in Europe. The overall share of total funding raised by ICOs is almost twice as high in Europe reaching 3,83% compared to almost 2% in North America.

👉 The United States is flying off the chart as the country with the highest amount of funds raised through ICOs but only 0,45% of the total startup funding is raised through ICOs in the country. Out of the top 10 countries with ICO funding, Estonia has the highest percentage of its overall startup funding raised by ICOs. Out of the total $240m, 28% was raised by ICOs.

Learn more about ICO funding in 2017 in ICO Funding Report 2017


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