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Blockchain & ICO

Switzerland and blockchain technologies

by Elena Grebennikova, from INNOVARE , on Dec 15
BLOCKCHAIN projects, virtual currency - how to understand and to deal with it? INNOVARE together with INNMIND has launched series of events on the subject in Switzerland.
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BLOCKCHAIN projects, virtual currency - how to understand and to deal with it? INNOVARE together with INNMIND has launched series of events on the subject in Switzerland. A recent event in Lausanne, December 11, 2017 indicated that the topic is extremely interesting not only for technology enthusiasts, but for the EPFL professors, bank experts, accountants, businessmen, who want to get commercial advantage of the blockchain for their businesses before others.

It is interesting to analyze the subject by the numbers:

1) 60% of all startups worldwide are incorporated in Zug. What does this mean? The government of the Canton considers this area as a strategic and supports the trend, encouraging entrepreneurs.

2) The Winner of the recent CRYPTO SUMMIT in Zug is a project from EPFL Lausanne. It proves that in general Switzerland has high technological capabilities and not only within a single Canton.

3) The company whose share capital is partly in bitcoin was registered in Neuchatel.

In other words, even those cantons, which have historically been associated with the traditional fields as watch manufacturing, are moving to a new stage of development.

What is blockchain?

In this regard, all activities around the blockchain are of the great interest in Switzerland. In particular, the recent event in Lausanne was attended by people who came from Geneva, Neuchatel, Zurich, Zug, Lucerne. The questions varied - everyone is talking about bitcoin now. Recently a taxi driver in a faraway land and not in the capital city asked me whether he should invest in bitcoin. That is, this phenomenon is being discussed globally, but many of us still don't understand what it is.

In easy way Stanislav Marycev, Financial System Analyst from Ferring Pharmaceuticals, explained main terms by his presentation “Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask about Blockchain” on meetup in Lausanne.

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Crypto currencies and fiat money: how to deal?

Apparently, the commercial solutions are obvious - clients' needs are immediately visible. Why do we need to go deeper into the blockchain technology? We believe in bitcoin, we want to work with cryptocurrencies, but we are more used to the traditional banking services, and where can we go without our regular bank cards?

For such users, the British SAIFU presented its project “One account for all currencies and cryptocurrencies: easy, secure and regulated”. The virtual wallet combines various accounts of the owner and offers a  possibility of currency exchange (including the purchase of cryptocurrencies and the safe storage of keys) and also some standard banking services. Interestingly, the project plans to work with clients who have passed the ICO procedure - this is in high demand even in Switzerland, not all banks are willing to work with such kind of clients. Now SAIFU is going to launch its own ICO - we wish them good luck and let the blockchain project help other fellow men!

I don't know if other countries and regions will be ahead of Switzerland. Perhaps the center of technologies will be moved to a completely different part of the world. But it is obvious that as long as Switzerland supports the growth of the blockchain technologies, we will be bringing the new projects here, to promote at our events, to spread blockchain knowledge and experience by the strongest professionals from CRYPTO VALLEY, Switzerland, as by analogy with the Silicon Valley, the Canton of Zug is now called.

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