Impala Coin

Kenya, Nairobi
Personal awards and excellences

We are Building a trade finance Crypto bank on blockchain
for Africa and emerging markets

ICN aims to provide financial inclusive services for the Informal and
SME merchants and Traders involved in cross-Border and International
trade by
creating a decentralized and transparent banking platform underpinned
by a Digital wallet that stores and accepts Fiat Virtual money and
Crypto currency we aim to eliminate expensive & Insecure paper cash as
the primary medium of exchange.

Mobile Money, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency have created a new
Paradigm in doing business. Customizing this technology to be relevant
for every day use, revolutionary in leveling the opportunity fields
and attaining cultural acceptance we have achieved powerful
milestones with working and Proven concepts.
We have turned years of effort,toil and near synchronized perfection
into highly succesful business and model for the future..
Having spent the last 3 years building the rails of mobile money
processing which in 2017 mobile processing hit USD 1 Billion Per day.
Creating Interoperability between different Networks giving us
unparalleled .access to hundreds of millions of wallets their
accompanying merchant payout network and POS terminals ICN API has
built a global financial infrastructure that assures secure end to
end straight through processing. Riding on the Stellar Blockchain we
are in the process of building one of the largest offline and online
Financial Blockchain with Grass roots exchanges for B2B and B2C

The ICN Ecosystem includes –
1. ID Generation| 2. Crypto Exchange 3. Mobile money Fiat exchange |
4. Hybrid Universal Wallet | 5. POS – Point of Sale System |
6. Smart contracts | 7.AI for credit scores | 8. Liquidity partners